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I have been a mentor, personal development and leadership coach, speaker, writer and trainer for over forty years.  My experience has taught me how to quickly help my clients cut through confusion, self-doubt and uncertainty and get to the core of what is holding them back so they are able to make the necessary inner shifts that allow them to make rapid progress towards their goals and the life they want to be living.  This is what I bring to a coaching relationship.  

Because each coaching relationship is a partnership, it’s important that coach and client are a “fit”, i.e. you feel comfortable with me, and my approach to coaching, and I feel that you are ready and committed to take on the work you say you want to do.  If we decide to work together, I will be as committed to your outcomes as you are.  But you will be the one who will do the heavy lifting.
— Dr. Judith Rich

Here are a few things you should know:

To insure that we’re a fit for each other, my coaching programs are available via application ONLY.  I have a few spots per month open on my calendar; so, if I am full or if I think another coach would be a better fit for your needs, I will be sure to offer you excellent referrals.
I’m interested in working with people who are ready to make changes and who are willing to do hard work and even get a little or a lot uncomfortable in order to make them.   We’ll work hard and we’ll celebrate the victories.  You get to win at getting what you want. 

Here’s How It Works:

Complete the application below.
Once I’ve read your application, I’ll be in touch via email to schedule a complimentary 20-25 minute conversation so we can get to know each other a bit, you can explain more about your goals, and I can determine whether or not I can provide you with the coaching support you need.  

Packaging and pricing:

3 & 6 month coaching packages available 

 from $4,500 - $8,500+

If during the call we determine together that we’d like to continue, you can elect to take care of the payment via the payment option on my website and we can plan for our first call.  It’s that easy.

I look forward to learning more about you.

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