Personal And Executive Coaching: 

Coaching for Possibility ©

What is “Coaching For Possibility”©?

Leaders in all professions excel with the inclusion of coaching in their lives.

Whether you call it business coaching, executive coaching, or personal coaching, the goal is always the same… to get what you say you want, by-when you say you want to have it!

Coaching for Possibility© is about being the question, not the answer, and moving you to whatever place necessary to discover what is next for you and/or your company’s future.

The process works by providing individuals and organizations access to the “technology of possibility”. 

This technology helps to illuminate the path from where you are to where you want to be.  It helps you to see what is in the way and how to move beyond it.

The process involves an ongoing professional relationship between coach (Dr. Rich), and client (you or your company), that can focus on major life transitions and/or specific goals. 

You will be empowered and supported to clarify, declare and achieve specific, timely and measurable results in key areas, deemed to be most important in contributing to the client’s sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

What Can You Gain From Working With Dr. Rich As Your Coach?

  • Expand your capacity to take on and explore new life territory

  • Elevate your level of performance, learning and sense of satisfaction with your life

  • Learn to create greater balance between work and personal life

  • Gain confidence by consistently winning at your goals

  • Enhance communication, relationship and intimacy skills

  • Achieve your career- related goals

  • Strengthen your relationship with your word- learn to live the life you’ve imagined

  • Deepen your soul connection- cultivate your inner wisdom

Today, more people find themselves feeling out of balance between their work and professional lives with the scales being tipped towards working more and enjoying life less. 

As a personal and executive high performance coach with thirty-five years of experience in the field, Dr. Rich operates as a powerful ally to help her clients identify and move beyond whatever has stood in the way of their desired outcomes, be it a more balanced life, increased confidence, enhanced intimacy or career-related goals.

Coaching for Possibility© focuses on achieving measurable results in the present, not healing the past. 

It is not intended to be therapeutic or a substitute for therapy, although it can be used concurrently with psychotherapeutic work.

Why have a coach?

Most highly successful people have a coaching context present in their lives. 

High-performing professional athletes and teams all use coaches.  The same is true for organizations and individuals.

In the realm of possibility, we can only access the choices and possibilities our conditioning allows us to see. 

A coach stands “outside the box” and illuminates possibilities we can’t even see that we can’t see! 

In illuminating possibilities that lie “outside the box”, we expand into new territory, access new openings, see more available choices, take new actions, create results from a different place. 

This is a process that is continuously unfolding, thus, the possibilities continue to increase exponentially.

As your coach, Dr. Rich is your personal ally who empowers you to maintain the context that holds your vision and your dreams and keeps you moving on track in their direction. 

When you get off-track, she offers feedback from the perspective of being able to see what you cannot see, thus facilitating a rapid “course-correction”. 

No need to waste weeks or years recycling the same choices that didn’t work in the first place.

Scheduling, cost and timeframe

Together, you and Dr. Rich will devise a schedule that works for both of you, flexible around your needs. 

Usually, the coaching sessions are conducted over the telephone, but other methods such as email or occasionally face-to-face sessions are also possible.  Phone sessions are typically 30-60 minutes per week.

Costs are calculated upon a client’s overall time frame commitment and weekly time spent in coaching.  Please feel free to contact Dr. Rich to discuss fees. 

A free introductory consultation is available which gives an opportunity to understand more about the coaching process and how you might benefit.

Transform your challenges into opportunities!  Learn how to access the technology of possibility! 

Contact Dr. Rich for more information on her personal and executive coaching programs.