Dr. Judith Rich
For beings learning to be human.




Dr. Judith Rich is a pioneering teacher in the field of transformation and consciousness.

For over forty years, her work has focused on the awakening of one’s dormant inner resources, empowering profound personal and professional breakthroughs for individuals and organizations throughout the United States, Europe, Asia and South America.



Judith received her Ph.D. in 1995, with her  studies focused in Jungian and Archetypal psychology, also known as the “Psychology of the Soul”.  

Her doctoral dissertation, “The Future of Feminism: Where Do We Go From Here?” explored the modern archetype of feminism and the implications for its evolution and relevance for women in the 21st century.


Corporate Work

Dr. Rich is also an accomplished corporate and educational consultant with forty years’ experience in training design, facilitation, executive coaching organizational transformation and public speaking.

She has presented programs worldwide on such topics as: commitment and personal responsibility, increasing communication effectiveness in the workplace, building high performing teams, accelerated learning, conflict resolution and problem solving, strategic planning, change management and organizational transformation.

Dr. Rich utilizes accelerated learning principles, an interactive training technology, which increases the retention and application of information by accommodating all learning styles. Her work encourages contribution, participation, and discovery, which makes each individual an integral part of his or her own learning process.

Dr. Rich’s clients have included executives in the building, banking, hotel management, pharmaceutical and educational industries, financial analysts, chambers of commerce and human resource professionals and non-profit organizations. She also consults with several U.S. and international training companies and has worked extensively in Russia, Asia, South America, Puerto Rico as well as throughout the United States.


I worked as a producer for many of Judith’s seminars. Until she challenged me to start leading sessions. She coached and mentored me, guided and taught, all the time building me up and bringing out my best. I’m a full-time coach and facilitator now because of Judith!
— James L. Coach
Judith has the incredible ability to connect with people on a very deep level very quickly. She is able to read the individual or the group and adjust and flex to meet whats needed instead of a set script or agenda. Judith has been such an inspiration to me and so many others. I am a better trainer, man, friend, husband, father and Grandfather from knowing and working with Judith.
— Ken C. Transformational Coach and Company Owner
Without a doubt, something valuable that I learned from Judith is that love moves mountains, that you do not necessarily have to be hard to remove the earth from each diamond that you are polishing.
— Luis A. Student in Mexico
Judith, is a cornerstone in coaching. I’ve had had the privilege to work with her as staff, and collaborating on other projects. She is pure inspiration. I’m witness of how she has touched so many lives and how people love her.
— Maru C.
Judith is probably one of the persons that has lit up my life in ways not even she can imagine... Even though we worked together only briefly, she inspired me to pursue coaching as a vocation for life. It is greatly thanks to her always kind (and sometimes kindly firm) words both in person and through the online friendship that has developed since, that I have uncovered my potential as a human being, a helper of others, and a searcher in humanity’s quest for light. Thank you for your wings, for your fearless and courageous flight, and for guiding us in the discovery of our own!
— Lars F., Coach