I Came: A poem in honor of my 76th birthday

I Came


In honor of my 76th birthday


I walk the earth, feet planted firmly on the ground,

While heart and mind transcend these earthly ties

To bring me to awareness of the One, the only One

The One, who is the womb, the source of all that is.


A beloved daughter of the sacred One am I,

A daughter of the Wise One, the Living One,

The one size fits all One,

The all sizes are one, One.


I came to awaken and bear witness to the awakening of the All to the One,

I came to know and speak my word, speak the truth, direct the law

I came to life a life of God, a life of Good, a life of grace and gratitude,

I came to remember and be renewed in the memory and the knowing of the One.


I came to shine a light for others through the way I love and the way I live,

I came to live with a generous heart.

I came to know, to give, and to serve Love

I came to know that Love is who I am.


I came to sing and praise and dance and shout,

I came to love and serve and honor,

I came to live with passion, serve with grace.

I came to laugh, and play, and cry.


I came to dance this human dance way out to the edge and then beyond,

I came to color outside the lines, be uncomfortable, live with gusto,

I came to rewrite the rules about what is possible and impossible,

I came to push the envelope, break barriers, go beyond definitions.


I came to be a yes to adventure, a yes to wonder,

I came to take the wonder road, the wonderful road, the joyful road, the playful road,

I came to take the high road, the low road,

The-everything-in-between road.


I came to cause a stir, ruffle the water, make waves

I came to be a pebble in the pond, to broadcast love and truth and joy,

I came be a rock of courage, a place of safety, a source of strength

I came to be a line in the sand, a stand for Good, a stand for Truth.


I came to remember

That life is good, and life is Now.

That is why I came.

Dr. Judith Rich

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